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VitaSports provide you with the highest standard of sports supplementation, from Informed Sport protein blends to energy gels and hydration powder.

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Energy Gels


Energy Gels

When in need of a quick boost, our energy gels are designed to be consumed without water, ensuring rapid response without any bloating.

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  • Rapid Response
  • Plant Based
  • High Energy
  • Naturally Flavoured

Why VitaSports?

Sports Specific Supplements

Blend of supplements that are formulated specifically to help benefit you and your chosen sport.

Complete sports nutrition brand

Supplements focusing on growth, recovery, energy and hydration. Perfect for match days, training and workouts.

Informed Sport Approved Supplements

Supplements that athletes can trust.

Premium products

High quality ingredients with quality nutritional values.

VitaSports Ambassadors

Our ambassadors are professional athletes at the top of their game, it’s an honour to be fuelling them with our products and pushing the benefits of our match day and training products.

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