12 Week Plan

Our 12-week plan is here to fuel your transformation. Simply sign up, receive your bespoke training and diet program and see the difference. Why not show us the difference by sending in a photo to our official Instagram for a chance to win £600 cash prize money.

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Sign up with our easy process below, then take part in our questionnaire to make sure you get the benefits you want.

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Receive package

VitaSports will send out your bespoke training and diet plan for you to use over the next 12 weeks. The training plan will incorporate the need for the VitaSports bespoke products due to the uplift in intensity of exercise.

Step 3


Once you have completed your 12 week transformation simply tag our official Instagram with your before and after photos for a chance to win our cash prize giveaway.

12 week

  • Meal plans
  • Training Plans
  • 24/7 contact

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About Billy

Billy is a qualified level 3 Personal Trainer and Pilates Instructor and a degree in BSc Nutrition, Diet & Lifestyles.

He is especially passionate about leading a healthy, balanced life and encouraging others around him to do the same. Whether it’s making people understand what they are putting in their bodies from a scientific point of view, or on a simple basis that anyone can understand and not be confused. Billy is excited to join the VitaSports team and help others with their nutritional understanding and help with their 12 week transformations.

His passion shines through in his work and lifestyle choices, and wishes to inspire others to make the changes they need to lead healthier lives in a way that is manageable for them.

Vita Sports Nutritionist Billy