Measuring your Hydration Level

Measuring your Hydration Levels.


The colour of your urine is a good indication as to how hydrated or not you are. Before you begin to exercise; whether that’s working in the gym, going to a training session or about to start a match, you should aim to check your urine colour. If your urine is light in colour and not too dark you are well hydrated. Fluids can be sipped little and often according to your individual needs in order to maintain this. Be careful not to over drink. You can monitor this by regularly checking the colour of your urine.



If your urine is darker in colour you are dehydrated. A drop of >2% body mass loss can affect your physical performance! Top up your fluids by sipping little and often and make sure you are checking the colour of your urine over the next 4-7 hours to ensure progress/ change. Consuming a hydration formula at this stage that contains sodium will help to aid your fluid absorption. The aim here is to move back up to being well hydrated.




If your urine is dark brown and concentrated then you are severely dehydrated and need to take action. Severe dehydration may limit your body’s ability to function normally. Training under these conditions will noticeably affect your performance and even your motivation. Especially during warmer or hotter conditions. This also could have a negative impact on your health. Aim to gradually rehydrate yourself by consuming a hydration formula to help aid your fluid absorption. Avoid consuming large volumes of fluid in one go, instead, take little sips often. Aim to slowly restore the colour of your urine back to the lighter hydrated colour.



This urine chart provides an estimate of your hydration status only. This is not a substitute for professional advice and does not provide any medical services. You should always promptly seek professional care if you have any concerns about your health.



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